Compounding Technology and Science

Sai Polymer Science offers high-tech polymeric masterbatches and compounds.

Polymeric masterbatches and compounds for diverse range of applications

Our products are used in a variety of application including injection molding of plastic parts and extrusion of plastic profiles.

Plastic packaging

From plastic films and raffia to bottles and jars we have many grades of products to be used as raw material.

Textile Industries

We offer Saipet products for polyester fibers and yarns and Saipylene for CF, BCF, nonwoven, and raffia applications.

Electical and Electronic

Our Engineering plastics are widely used in electrical and electronic industries.

Home appliances

Our masterbatches are widely used in home appliances.

Automotive Industries

Many of automotive parts such as interior and exterior trims and other plastic parts are produced by our range of plastic compounds.

Construction Industries

From Aluminum composite panels to other Facade materials, from piping systems to faucets, from construction materials to architectural and decorative elements we have many products to offer.

An array of products

Our products range from masterbatches to compounds, from commodities to engineering plastics and specialty polymers.


  • High active content loading
  • Excellent dispersibility
  • Consistent quality

Plastic Compounds

  • Tailor-made specifications
  • Wide range of properties
  • Excellent processability

“We commit to satisfy the highest standard needs of our customers by offering high end products with consistent quality ”


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